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Clio 2 RS PM 240 Engine Kit

Excl. Tax: £3,662.50 Incl. Tax: £4,395.00

Availability: In stock

Clio 2 RS PM 240 Engine Kit

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Excl. Tax: £3,662.50 Incl. Tax: £4,395.00

This 1998cc F4R 730 series engine kit will produce 240bhp (180kW) and 185lbft (250Nm) when built with our 48mm throttle bodies and exhaust manifold.  The engine design has been maximised to produce great midrange performance to make it suitable for a wide range of competition uses such as racing, rallying, hillclimbs and sprints.


We recommend that if you need to remain under 2000cc for regulations you use a brand new block in all PM240 engine builds to guarantee the perfect bore size. These blocks can be found here.


A comprehensive build manual will be supplied with each engine kit to ensure your engine builder has the information required to effectively assemble your engine kit.


The kit includes:

ACL or King racing tanged big end bearings
Robson engineering custom con-rods 148mm long
Custom CP Carrillo X Bridge pistons, three ring, 20mm pin and crown height to suit our con-rods, 82.7mm or 83.0mm

Piston ring set 82.7mm or 83.0mm
Genuine Renault engine seal kit

Cylinder head with matching cover:
Choice of Clio 172 or 182 CAD designed, CNC machined cylinder head with combustion chamber size to match our pistons
Valve seats cut with three angles blending into the combustion chamber and valve throat
New valve guides on all heads (these are not cut down when porting to keep maximum valve stability)

One piece uprated valves in standard size
Uprated single valve springs
Valve spring shim washers - we will calculate correct valve installed height and supply the correct shim thicknesses for your kit.
Cat Cams with VVT delete
Vernier cam Pulleys
Genuine Renault head gasket set and head bolts.
Weld up cam timing tool to set the cam timing to true valve lift with the head off the engine. (super accurate!)


it does not include: any inductionthrottle bodies, exhaust manifold, oil catch tank, ignition coil, plug leads, flywheel or auxiliary belt driven parts.



The engine spec is as follows:


12.5:1 Compression ratio,
82.7mm bore (83.0mm option)
93mm stroke
1998cc displacement (2012cc with 83.0mm bore)
240bhp output
185lbft torque


Why is this engine different from building one using generic off the shelf components?  
The generic off the shelf parts are designed with many compromises so that they will fit lots of different engines.  Generally off the shelf pistons will have large valve cutouts to allow for the use of big valve lift cams - this lowers the compression ratio so the intruder dome height will be higher to compensate.  Off the shelf piston domes will be designed to fit the standard combustion chamber so take up a smaller area - the intruder needs to be higher still to raise the compression ratio.  The higher the dome is, the more of a barrier it produces to the flame front within the combustion chamber, so the lower the intruder height - the better!
We custom design our pistons to suit this engine configuration, so we don't have any compromises - we also use a superior quality manufacturer of our pistons by the name of CP Carillo in the USA.


The stroke of the F4R engine is very long compared to it's bore size and this causes the piston speeds to be very high.  This means we have to keep the maximum RPM down so tune the engine to work well in the midrange.  We also reduce the loads on the piston and rod assembly by using a longer than standard con-rod with a shorter piston.  The rods are very lightweight and beautifully designed and made in the UK from forged blanks.  They are considerably lighter than cheap rods and are very well designed with no stress raising sharp internal corners - all corners utilise a stress reducing radius.


Our CNC ported cylinder head is designed from scratch using 3D CAD modelling which allows us to keep the cross sectional area of the ports exactly as we would like - traditional CNC ported heads use a hand ported head that is scanned and could contain mistakes and discrepancies that can be copied over to the finished article.  The inlet ports are kept deliberately small to keep gas speed up and feature an anti-reversion exhaust port to minimise exhaust gas reversion into the combustion chamber.

Both inlet and exhaust flange faces are skimmed and the cylinder head is surface ground for a perfect seal on a multi layer steel gasket.  The heads are cleaned in our ultrasonic tank and look almost as good as new.  The cylinder head covers are vapour blasted to remove all dirt and corrosion to bring them back to looking almost new again.


The cylinder heads and covers are marked with their respective numbers and Pure Motorsport logos.


The head is supplied as a bare casting with cover and cover dowels, exhaust studs, cambelt idler stud, cambelt upper cover studs and nothing else. 


The heads are shipped out in a sturdy plastic container that must be returned to us with your exchange cylinder head in - for outright purchase please select above.


Suitable return heads must be in good condition, with matching cylinder head cover, small exhaust port, not modified in any way, have minimal or no scoring of cam journals and not having been skimmed.  The head will be inspected when it arrives back here and if it isn't suitable for exchange you will be notified and the head will be returned to you. Please ensure you remove everything that you will need before returning the head to us and even better if you take the valves out!!


The cam choice we use is surprisingly mild with moderate valve lift and a comparatively low duration and helps keep the engine ultra tractible and flexible at all engine speeds.  You could literally use this engine to drive down the shops and then go straight on to the racetrack or rally stage!


The combination of many hours of design and testing, with a selection of the finest quality components means you can rest assured you are getting the best value for money, best reliability and best performance from your engine. 


Optional upgrade to PM240+ spec with solid tappets and a higher lift, longer duration camshaft.  

With this optional extra the midrange torque is up everywhere over the hydraulic follower PM240 engine by a maximum of 8lbft, the peak figures don’t really do it justice at 185lbft and 244bhp. 
It has a good, useable increase in the places where it matters and doesn’t push the power band up with the more aggressive cams as it produces more torque from 2500rpm upwards.

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