We will be closed from June 3rd and will reopen on Monday 10th June.  The checkout will be closed during this time.  There will be no phone or email contact when we are closed.

EU Orders and Shipping

The new Brexit customs arrangements mean you no longer pay VAT on parts purchased from us at the point of sale.  However, you will be required to pay VAT at customs when the goods are sent.

For all goods manufactured in the UK or EU there will be no customs duties due, for anything manufactured outside of the EU duties will be charged depending on the product you have purchased - normally around 3.5% of the value of the goods. Most of our parts are made or sourced in UK or EU, the only current exceptions are Superpro (Australia), Supertech (USA), Blackline diffs (China) so just be aware if you are purchasing these goods that you will get charged customs duties.

All businesses purchasing from us need to input a valid EORI number at checkout, all Spanish customers need to input either a valid EORI number or personal tax ID (Documento Nacional de Identidad)- without these we cannot send your parts.

We can now ship with a variety of different couriers and different services. These will be calculated automatically at checkout - for any large, heavy or bulky orders where this doesn't generate a quote, please contact us.


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