Product Fitting Guides

Clio 2 Adjustable Wishbone Kit

Clio 2 RS aircon delete kit with standard pulleys

Clio 2 RS Lightweight pulley kit with aircon delete

Tilton clutch selection guide

Tilton 7.25" 184mm clutch installation drawings

Tilton 7.25" 184mm Clutch Fitting Guide - appropriate for all brands of clutch fitting

Clio 2 RS/Twingo RS Brembo brake kit

Clio 2 Bump Steer Kit

Clio 2 rear camber/toe shims

Clio 1 top mounts and strut brace

Clio 2 RS rear antiroll bar kit

Clio 2 Avo GTX

Clio 3 RS/Megane2/3 RS Aircon delete kit standard pulleys

Clio 2 RS racing exhaust manifold

Clio 172 Racing exhaust system

Clio 182 Racing Exhaust system

Clio 3 RS Camber/toe shims

DTA S40 Wiring loom order form

Clio 2 RS Engine mounts

Clio 2 top mount and strut brace

Clio 1/2 front wishbone bearing kit

Clio 1/2/R5 GTT gear linkage kit

Gear linkage mass damper

M12 wheel stud kit

M14 wheel stud kit

Clio 2 RS PAS delete kits

Clio 2 rear axle bearing kit

Clio 2 rear axle stiffening kit

Clio 2 sumpguard

Clio 2 RS throttle body kit

Twingo 2 top mount and strut brace kit

Wheel spacer selection guide

Clio 2 Fabricated Radiator

Clio 2 RS Manual Quick Rack Kit

Renault JC5 Gearbox Outer Bearing Reinforcement Plate

Megane 3 RS Camber Toe Shims/Stub axle spacer kit

Clio 197/200 Throttle Body Kit Instructions

Renault Clio 172/182 Gear Linkage Reverse Lifter

Race engine running in procedure

Renault 2.0L F4R Vernier Pulley Fitting Instructions

Clio 3 RS Adjustable Front Strut Top Mounts

F4R Uprated Cambelt Kits

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