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Clio 172/182 Pure/Jenvey Throttle Body Kit

Clio 172/182 Pure/Jenvey Throttle Body Kit
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Clio 172/182 Pure/Jenvey Throttle Body Kit
Available to Order - Lead Time: 1 WEEK
Please configure your Clio 172/182 Throttle Body Kit below:

Throttle body kit with 45mm or 48mm Jenvey DCOE pair and Pure Motorsport billet inlet manifold.

45mm throttles are appropriate for up to 220bhp and 48mm throttles should be considered for expected power above 220bhp.

This is probably the best performing throttle body kit available for the Clio 2 F4R engine.

Why is it so good:

This kit has been tested and developed for many years to arrive at the kit that we have now using data on inlet tract length that we know works on the F4R. 

The billet inlet manifold allows us to make a perfect continuous radius that matches port angle all the way up the manifold so no abrupt changes in angle. Machining from billet also adds superb accuracy and a smooth transition in cross section from the throttle to the head port shape. 

The manifolds are designed for motorsport and injector position as far out from the head to accommodate maximum time for a homogenous mix at high rpm without the fire risk associated with out of trumpet injectors. 

The manifold has machined recesses to hold sealing o-rings, so no gasket required.

This kit in conjunction with our exhaust manifold has been dyno proven to produce nearly 200bhp from an otherwise standard engine.



What's included:


  • Billet inlet manifold with sealing o-rings and mounting bolts.(4 injector kit so no injector pockets in manifold)
  • Additional engine mounting bracket so the upper engine mount still has three mounting bolts.
  • A pair of 45mm or 48mm Jenvey DCOE Throttle Bodies
  • Throttle cable bracket
  • Choice of: 
  • IWP042 (240cc@3bar) injectors
  • IWP069 (465cc@3bar) injectors
  • IWP043 (330cc@3bar) injectors
  • (more choice available on request)
  • Fuel rail kit with -6 screw on fittings or 8mm push on straight barbs
  • Custom air filter backplate with offset mounting to give better bonnet clearance.
  • Air horns.
  • ITG JC-50 air filter with custom upside down printing.
  • Throttle cable kit
  • Coil relocation bracket
  • Servo hose kit (please let us know if you don't require this and the manifold will be fitted with a threaded plug on the vacuum takeoff)

For PH2 Clio fitment with a drive by wire throttle pedal you will also require our cable throttle conversion kit.

Fitting instructions here:
Fitting Guide

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