Gripper Plate Type Limited Slip Differential (JB, JC)

Gripper Plate Type Limited Slip Differential (JB, JC)
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Gripper Plate Type Limited Slip Differential (JB, JC)
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Please configure your Gripper Plate Type Limited Slip Differential below

Renault Clio Gripper Diff (JC5) Using Your CWP


Gripper plate type limited slip differential unit for R5GTT, Clio 1 Williams/16v and all Clio 2 RS models. 


These fit all JC type gearboxes.  

They also fit JB type gearboxes with TAPERED differential bearings - they DO NOT fit gearboxes with ROLLER differential bearings. There is an easy way to check which box you have by measuring the driveshaft oil seal outer diameter - 'boxes with tapered bearings have a 70mm OD seal and 'boxes with roller bearings have a 56mm OD seal.

The Renault OE crown wheel and pinion on the JC5 are not a weak point and if you are happy with the ratios that are fitted to your car and are simply looking for a limited slip diff to improve traction then this option is the one for you. You will need to send your diff to the factory (Coventry, UK) so the OE crown wheel can be machined off the OE diff. This is then modified to fit an adapter plate which effectively turns the "press on" crown wheel into a "bolt on" which can then be fitted to the Gripper diff. Our price is based upon a complete service which includes all machining and the adapter plate so nothing more to buy! Upon receipt of your order, we will send over a factory address and a reference number so your OE diff can be identified as yours and work on the diff can begin. The turnaround time for this service is usually 2 days.

Gripper Multi-Plate Race Spec Differentials

The Gripper Limited Slip Differential uses a multi-plate design which, when it detects a difference in wheels speed across the driven axle, locks the driveshafts together increasing traction. This increase in traction equates to faster launches and increased corner exit speeds as the wheels are no longer spinning as they would with an open diff. Torque is equalised across the driven wheels sending drive torque to both whereas an open diff will send the torque to the spinning wheel wasting drive in tyre smoke! Understeer and oversteer characteristics are controlled and your car laps faster as a result. 

For a more detailed explanation on how a multi-plate limited slip differential works, please click the following link What is a limited slip differential? 

Gripper Race Diffs: Free Tailored Set Up

As part of our customer service commitment, we will set your limited slip diff up FREE OF CHARGE before you take delivery. If the set up we apply does not suit you, we will reset your diff FREE OF CHARGE a second time within 30 days of receipt. 

As Gripper diffs have many parameters that can be adjusted to set the diff up for a multitude of disciplines, please choose the use of car selection above:


  • Tarmac Circuit Race Car: Smooth progressive action so car balance is maintained throughout the corner, strong locking action on acceleration for maximum traction and exit speed, reduced locking action in deceleration for improved control under braking without the car pushing on in the corners.


  • Loose Surface Rally Car: Limited deceleration locking action to reduced understeer and help with setting the car up early for a corner with a fast locking action on corner exit to maximise traction during acceleration.


  • Hillclimb/sprint:  Tarmac spec diff with focus on speed and strength of lock up to maximise grip without sacrificing the pointy and chuckable nature of these cars and minimise understeer in and out of corners.


The parameters that can be adjusted are the ramp angles, preload and the number of active plates overall. A competent mechanic with an understanding of the workings of a limited slip diff will be able to alter the characteristics of a Gripper diff to suit differing driving styles or a change in race discipline making them very flexible and cost effective, so no need to buy another diff if you change your car from race to rally! 

Gripper Lifetime Warranty / Guarantee

For customers peace of mind, all Gripper Diffs are covered by a lifetime warranty / guarantee against poor workmanship and inferior materials. Cases, lids and gears are made of aero quality steel and are built to tight tolerances which make them one of the most reliable and sought after transmission products on the market. Plates have minute machined oil grooves designed to allow a microscopic layer of oil to be pumped between them to smooth out and speed up lock / unlock which has the added benefit of significantly increasing the service life. Preload and locking action is maintained for much longer and the cost of ownership of a Gripper diff is lower compared to other multiplate limited slip diff designs. 

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