172/182 Racing Exhaust Manifold

172/182 Racing Exhaust Manifold
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172/182 Racing Exhaust Manifold
172/182 Racing Exhaust Manifold

This is a racing 4-2-1 exhaust manifold suitable and essential to make maximum power with engines using high lift, long duration camshafts and individual throttle body fuel injection.

The manifold features:

Primary and secondary pipe sizes and lengths designed by top engine consultant Sandy Brown,

Stepped exhaust flange to reduce exhaust reversion back into the exhaust ports,

Separate primary and secondary pipes so that the manifold can be fitted without removing the subframe,

Slip on handmade merge collectors held on with springs rather than clamps.

Full 304 stainless steel construction, back purged and TIG welded so that the inside of the welds are smooth, improving gas flow.  These systems are designed by us and are made by a UK supercar exhaust manufacturer exclusively for us.

This manifold can be fitted with our racing exhaust systems or we can supply a link pipe for you to fit up to your existing exhaust (this option will require some modification dependent on exhaust fitted).

The manifold is supplied with a Renault gasket.
The manifold cannot be fitted with the standard inlet manifold as the primary pipes come over the rear of the engine so that we could get the required length into the engine bay. You will have to have individual throttle bodies or a RS2 style single throttle body kit.

Fitting instructions here:
Fitting Guide


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