Clio 3 RS Adjustable Front Strut Top Mounts

Clio 3 RS Adjustable Front Strut Top Mounts
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Clio 3 RS Adjustable Front Strut Top Mounts
Clio 3 RS Adjustable Front Strut Top Mounts

These front top mounts replace the standard rubber mounts. They improve the handling, precision and feel of your car by eliminating the flexible rubber with the use of a top quality all stainless NMB Aerospace spec spherical bearing.


The innovative design of these top mounts allow a fixed caster adjustment of 1 degree using the alternative stud mounting holes so the top mounts can be moved backwards.  They also allow around 1.75 degree of extra negative camber adjustment (on top of the OE negative camber setting giving up to 3.2 degrees of negative camber). 

A lot of top mounts on the market rely solely on clamping bolts to hold the camber adjustment in place and can easily slip when hit on a circuit kerb. These top mounts utilise 6 x M8 bolts for additional clamping force and also feature a locking ring which can be locked in a variety of camber positions to add further security against slipping.


The top mounts are CNC machined from 7075 Aerospace grade aluminium and hard anodised for ultimate corrosion resistance.

The adjuster plates are CNC machined from 6082 aluminium alloy and hard anodised.

They are supplied with mounting bolts, marine grade 316 stainless steel spacers, marine grade 316 stainless steel M12 x 1.25mm sleeve nuts.

We have manufactured the mounts from the finest aerospace grade 7075 aluminium to keep them small, light and strong and also allows us to place the bearing high up in the mount so that it doesn't raise the front of your car unlike many other alloy mounts on the market.  The hard anodised finish will keep these top mounts looking fresh out of the box for years to come.


We use the best bearings that are available on the market and these are an all stainless NMB bearing with a self lubricating PTFE liner.

All of the spacers and sleeve nuts are made from 316 stainless so they will never corrode. 



The design of the lower spacer suits most aftermarket dampers with parallel springs including our own Bilstein fixed rate damping and PSS10 coilover kits without the need for any other spacers or washers.

The optional upper spring perch for standard type springs are a direct replacement for the originals and can be used with any standard type spring including those found in the Bilstein B14 coilover kit.  The design of our upper spring perch ensures the same damper stroke and spring pre-load is retained so that the springs don't become dislocated on full droop like some other top mounts on the market.

The option for KW coilovers have different top spring platforms that replace the large purple spring platform that is supplied with the coilovers.  See photos for more details.

They fit all Clio 3 RS models with the earlier, larger top mount hole in the strut top.


 Fitting instructions here: Fitting Guide


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