Tilton 7.25" Race Rally Competition Clutch

Tilton 7.25 Race Clutch
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Tilton 7.25 Race Clutch
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Tilton 7 1/4" (184mm) cerametallic rally clutches are available as either single or twin plate designs, with a selection of different diaphragm springs to suit differing power outputs. 

Cerametallic or rally clutches utilise a driven plate which is thicker (7.1mm) in comparison to the sintered driven plate clutches.


These paddle type driven plates which although a little heavier are smoother engaging than the thinner sintered plates and their greater mass gives them a little more heat capacity. The clutches benefit from Tilton's longer finger diaphragm design which allows them to be used with a performance 44mm contact release bearing.


This reduces the pedal effort required to release and improves the modulation to facilitate better and more consistant starts.


The one pieces aluminium clutch basket is of an open "lug drive" design which allows the clutch to run cooler and cleaner than A-ring type clutches whilst the drive is transmitted to the cover via forged steel thrust buttons fitted in the legs, a more reliable and durable method than the thin stainless wear clips favoured by other manufacturers.


These units are quite simply the best of their type available!


We are specialists in supplying clutch and flywheel packages for Renaultsport models in particular the Clio 2 RS, we don't list all available options so please get in contact for more details. 

The Sadev ST75 transmission found on Cup Race cars has limited clutch height and can fit a single plate Tilton or a twin plate from another of our clutch suppliers (either AP racing or TTV). The Sadev ST82 transmission fitted to Clio has very limited clutch height and only a single plate clutch from another of our clutch suppliers will fit- please ask for details.


Clutch selection guide here

Clutch installation drawing here

Clutch fitting guide here

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